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More than 70% of the world’s population is cut off from essential oral care, because it is either not available/ near them or unaffordable The costly trained dentists who work in towns where there is electricity and running water for the 10?fluent part of the population and therefore dental care will continue to be a dream for the most part of the rural population(FDI 2006). It is with this regard that RUN DENTAL would like to train dental auxiliaries who can work within the existing primary health care system with no electricity and water at the low levels of health care delivery. The certificate training programs will produce chair side assistants, dental therapist for school dental services, dental nurses, dental equipment technicians, and dental assistants will fill the gap in the dental profession in East Africa.
The institute will be;

  • Centre for oral health learning in east and central Africa.
  • Centre for oral health care research
  • Human resource development for oral health needs
  • Centre for translating research into practical skills
  • Offer training for dental auxiliaries to increase the current shortage of work force at the lower levels of the health care delivery system in Uganda

Uganda has two types of dental training, Bachelor of Dental surgery offered by Makerere University and Diploma in dental public health offered by Paramedical schools Mulago. The above mentioned carders are deployed in various hospitals and Health centre IV’s around the country with a high concentration on many of them doing private work in Kampala and the surrounding urban centers. The highly qualified dentists cannot go to serve in the rural communities Where the poor people live and therefore this have caused no oral health Care at the lower levels of health care delivery centers. On the other hand the government of Uganda has created opportunities for The poor people to go to school by giving free education in primary and Secondary schools but still a lot needs to be desired because many children Will stop at that level yet they cannot get any professional income. Since it’s compulsory to study sciences at ordinary level, many children with Dreams of pursuing the science carrier is put away because of they just cannot go on with higher education in S.5 and S.6
RUN DENTAL INSTITUTE will be training students from S.4 for two years In dental nursing, chair side assisting, dental equipment technology and Dental therapy for school oral health promotion. This unique training will give opportunities to these students to be able to do A diploma in dental public health

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Run dental clinic was started in 2007 as a business arm of Run Dental Organization, a community which prayed, established to relieve communities from oral pain.  Touched by the love of Jesus, in a community…

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