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Is a Christian organisation registered as a charity (S 5914/6480) with a vision to relieve communities from oral pain through community public oral health care programmes;

Touched by the love of Jesus, in a community of need, RUN Dental derived its vision from skilled hands reaching out to all communities through Oral Healthcare as a ministry to bring communities to the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Since 2004, RUN Dental has provided voluntary and supported ministry to these communities reaching out to populations, preaching, healing and training, transforming & saving lives.


  • Making dental health accessible and affordable throught RUN DENTAL clinics
  • Improving Oral health promotion and education through RUN DENTAL institute.
  • Give relief dental care through monthly evagelistic community outreach programs.

Oral health; at last, is now more widely seen as an integral part of general health and having a major contribution to make to the well being and the quality of life.


Much oral disease is theoretically and technically preventable. The difficult part is putting the appropriate programmes, however, RUN DENTAL has responded to this by designing oral health promotion programs like dental sensitization, screening, and treatment of children and adults from unprivileged communities, capacity building for different stake holders in more than 20 districts of Uganda.

The burden of oral diseases in Africa is increasing, largely because of the increased levels of poverty, consequent upon drought and other natural disasters, but also hastened by the scourge of war and civil strife, encouraged by poor governance and corruption. Also the increased sugar consumption has increased the dental caries prevalence from 50% in 1987 to 80% in 2002 especially teenagers. (WHO report 2002)

This noxious combination of factors creates conditions in which not only the more common oral diseases such as dental caries and gingivitis flourish, but also the oral impact of systemic diseases like HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, noma and oral cancer grow both in prevalence and severity.

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Run dental clinic was started in 2007 as a business arm of Run Dental Organization, a community which prayed, established to relieve communities from oral pain.  Touched by the love of Jesus, in a community…

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